Artist Focus: Allyson Kalie Garrett

I want to start something on my blog where I showcase artists once a week who I think are simply amazing in what they do. I dont think I'll limit it to just photography but it will probably mostly be in that realm.

The first person I want to show you all is Allyson Kalie who I discovered through the world of Flickr. At a mere 18 years of age, she already has a bigger understanding of "photography" than most I know. Her use of light is what made me fall in love with her work and that love and appreciation has only grown stronger so here she is.

, originally uploaded by Allyson Kalie.

, originally uploaded by Allyson Kalie.

thats only from the first 10 pages of her stream and if you click those photos, you will see they usually have a whole bunch more under them! Here is a link to Kalie's stream:


Ligeia said...

her work is amazing
Im totally checking her gallery out!

thanks missy