symmetria purpurea - Before & After

Thought I'd upload a before and after of the pic since I just sent it school to be used on advertising posters for the photoshop classes I'm giving.

So, here ya go! "before" was cropped to show the pic as it was cropped to start with.

Click to see larger.

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MyHeritage Celeb lookalikes

Because Eva asked me to, I'm posting my results from myheritage.com that I got for my "Celeb lookalike" thingimibob


I'm well chuffed about Monica Bellucci though in real life I'm far more often said to look like Nelly Furtado.. which is also fine by me cos I find her quite pretty!


mi amor es azul - Alternative

Here is the alternative photo to "mi amor es azul". I really couldnt decide between them but just ended up going for the one I posted and telling myself I'd post this version on here! Hope you like it. Comments always welcome :)

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Calling out to those who actually look at my blog - if there's anything you'd like to see here, let me know! tutorials, free textures, answering your general questions etc. Just send me an email by filling in the contact form or leave me a comment!

Print giveaway folks - your prints are ready and packaged. Just need to pop em off to the post office and thats it!


It's cold here without you - Outtakes!

I decided to put up some of the outtakes I liked from the shoot since it'd bug me too much to not have them up and I don't want to put em on flickr cos they're too similar to the other pic :P

You're more than welcome to leave comments here or on the flickr pic if you like :-)


Secret Santa

Some of the ladies over at FSPASG (Female Self-Portrait Artist Support Group) on flickr decided to run Secret Santa this year. So I signed up, sent my giftee her stuff and got mine recently.

It was the following

(click images to see them bigger)

I got:
A Thousand Splendid Suns (as you can see) from my book list.
2 bits of underwear which are so so cute and feminine!
beaded bracelet set which is absolutely AMAZING!
a purse.. which was exciting enough.. that turned out to also have a long chain to wear it on your shoulder!!!!
lip balm.. or so I thought :P the little tin is solid perfume and it smells great ;)
I got chocolate which my sis in law stole as predicted
and a gorgeous print by none other than Kezzaroo

here's the wee purse bag and bracelet up close

Thanks so so much Kez!!