Secret Santa

Some of the ladies over at FSPASG (Female Self-Portrait Artist Support Group) on flickr decided to run Secret Santa this year. So I signed up, sent my giftee her stuff and got mine recently.

It was the following

(click images to see them bigger)

I got:
A Thousand Splendid Suns (as you can see) from my book list.
2 bits of underwear which are so so cute and feminine!
beaded bracelet set which is absolutely AMAZING!
a purse.. which was exciting enough.. that turned out to also have a long chain to wear it on your shoulder!!!!
lip balm.. or so I thought :P the little tin is solid perfume and it smells great ;)
I got chocolate which my sis in law stole as predicted
and a gorgeous print by none other than Kezzaroo

here's the wee purse bag and bracelet up close

Thanks so so much Kez!!