some more random photos

Here are some more random photo's which I havent uploaded to flickr. Might in the future but not for now so here ya go, you lot can all see em!

Keep checking back here for more updates. I'll put up a tutorial pretty soon too


Quick blog update

If you've been checking up on my blog, you will have noticed changes here and there. I've now completely changed the entire look of the blog and the work isnt over yet. Just wanted to warn you all incase there are a few things which dont work properly.

I've added a contact form on the right side which you can fill out at any time if you have a message to send to me. They dont show up on the blog page so dont worry about others seeing it.

I'm also trying to embed a calendar where I can update it for special dates so I can put up the dates of exhibitions and other photo related things.

Another change I made is that before today, you could see up to 7 posts on the first page. I've now put it down to 2 posts (and considering making it just the one). You can VERY easily locate all my other posts on the right side in the Blog Archive where everything is listed by title under the monthly heaings.

I've still got a lot of work to do here (I'm planning to change the whole colour scheme of everything) but once I finish, I will update with a tutorial or something else quite fun :-P


Some photos I like but never uploaded

I don't know why. I do that sometimes with photos. Especially when I have a lot of photos from one shoot - I don't like to upload loads from the same shoot over and over. So here are some of em ;)

Hope you like em and never know, they may end up on flickr in the future eh.

- if anyone loves a certain element of my photos and would like to know how to DIY it, send me a quick flickrmail or email on: sevgikphotography@googlemail.com and I'll try help you out through here.