stepping up

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I'm back in the UK today. Blah. Nothing else to say really

Here's the black and white version of the above pic



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We come in all shapes, all sizes, all colours, and most importantly, different personalities.
This image was inspired solely by Hannah Wilke and the criticisms she faced by fellow feminists who dismissed her because she fit into that "perfect body, pretty face" category and used this in her work. She was criticised because people felt she was portraying a mans view of women (pretty face, nice body, nude work) but she proved this all wrong when she also documented herself deteriorating because of cancer.

What a lot of people seem to think about feminists is that they are butch women with hairy underarms and they burn bras.. oh and they're lesbians. It's the stupidest thing ever. If that were the case, then it would also be correct that ALL men are only out for sex, they all beat women and they are all drunkard pieces of shit. Sure, there are feminists who have burnt bras and do have hairy underarms and whatever but feminism is an ideology - a way of life. It is not in the way a person looks but rather the way a person IS and what they believe. Feminism is about equality - equality between women and equality with men. On any given day, I can look like either of these images but the person I am doesn't change with that. The beliefs I hold don't change with that.

And for the record, I AM a feminist. I am for equality. Not men over women and not women over men. I don't believe social constructs should be the basis of how you treat people.


Feminism. Discuss


carry me up to fly

carry me up to fly, originally uploaded by sevgi.k.