48/52 - .. Outfit plus other unseen pics

As promised, here's my outfit from the 48/52 - .. shoot

(click pics for larger)

Jacket (Miss Selfridge): £5
Shirt (ebay): £18
Belt (H&M): £3
Skirt (Bershka): £9
Tights (Primark): £1
Shoes (Primark): £8
Bag (H&M): £12

Total: £56

And here's some stuff which I don't really upload to flickr for various reasons. That's one thing you guys don't really know about me - I shoot tons of other stuff which are not self portraits but I rarely upload them because doing so annoys me cos it'll be just as good (IMO) as a selfie but will get like 10 views and 1 comment which then pisses me off.

These pics were shot back in 2007 (edited recently) with my Kodak easyshare p880 camera which sucks big time in all lighting except super bright sunlight

and this one was shot on my Sony Ericsson K750i (2mp camera phone)


Behind the scenes and other photos

Here are a couple of "behind the scenes" photos (both for pics which I've not put on flickr yet) from the day I did, "if a lonely tree falls, do you hear it bleed", "dead to the world", "im singing in the light" and the latest untitled one.

anyway so here they are :)
- both images were taken by my friend Firat

(click pics for slightly bigger)

- The book I'm holding is "Art and Feminism". It's a great book!

And now, here's something a bit different to the stuff I usually upload
(click pics for larger view)


'the science of flying' Alternative

Here's the alternative photo for "the science of flying"

Click pic for slightly larger.

I don't really have any other news to post on here but do check out my book!! The quality is really good (print quality).


Alphabet Soup - The Book

Hi all

So for the last few months I've been working on a book (mainly for myself) on and off with all of the pictures from Project A-Z Part I and that book is now completed. It's got "alternative" images to the final ones in it too. It was initially made just for myself but I decided if others want it too, then why not. It's 40 pages and is 8x10. I'm not putting it out for mass release or anything like that but if you do want it, then send me a message to sevgikphotography@googlemail.com and I will send you a copy of it.

Prices are as follows:

Softcover: £20.00
Hardcover, Dust Jacket £30.00
Hardcover, ImageWrap £30.00

Postage and Packaging is an additional £8

Book Type

Since I'm selling this directly myself and not through somewhere like Blurb, I can customise all the orders and send personal notes with them.
If you also want to combine this with a print, then shipping on the print will be free (obviously). Prints are priced differently and if you want to know their prices, send me an email!!

Here are screenshots of the preview for the first few pages of the book (all images show larger if you click on them):

So, if you want a copy of it, email me on: sevgikphotography@googlemail.com with the subject: "Book". Also tell me which book you would like (Softcover, Hardcover DustJacket, Hardcover ImageWrap) and the address you would like it to be delivered to.

Book Type

In other news - I'm still working on my website so stay tuned!