mi amor es azul - Alternative

Here is the alternative photo to "mi amor es azul". I really couldnt decide between them but just ended up going for the one I posted and telling myself I'd post this version on here! Hope you like it. Comments always welcome :)

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Print giveaway folks - your prints are ready and packaged. Just need to pop em off to the post office and thats it!


Ligeia said...

Hello missy!!

I love them both, this one maybe is a bit more nostalgic; but I miss your face ^^

Only a question, when are you coming to Spain?? :p Portugal is a bit far away for me. I should go to London soon and make a huge FSPASG meeting ^^


Ligeia said...

and yay for the print, can't wait!!!
we should also do a print trade when you want <3

Jez said...

The flickr one is better in my opinion, though both good, the flickr one is a bit more mysterious.