How to protect your camera from rain

After I posted the photo entitled ocean dreams, I said that I would show those who were wondering how to protect their cams from the rain, how I did it.

Here's how:

What I did was wrap my camera up in a plastic bag which was kinda thin and I made sure it's loose enough to cover the whole cam but also leave the lens area open when I needed it to. I wrapped it round the tripod base thingy too so when I popped the tripod thingy into it's slot with the camera on it, it also secured the plastic bag on the cam so made sure it wouldn't fly off. I then put my lil wireless remote in a zip-lock bag which I folded and sellotaped together so it still worked and wasn't in a big bag. I've killed my remote before by drowning it so was prepared this time round. Anyway, then I made my sister in law hold an umbrella over the camera for extra security. Had she not been there, I would have also put a towel over it leaving the front open for the lens.

and here's the visual aids for the above description (click for larger):


marcos said...

hmmm...I wonder if this will work underwater. brb