s.o.t.p - behind the scenes

Was a short but funny shoot today. I'll explain why through photos (click photos for bigger size)

As soon as I got up onto the jungle gym, a young group of girls surrounded me and bombarded me with questions. "what are you doing? why? what are you taking photos of? why? what is it for? why? how are you going to take the pic?" and so forth.

so, I explained how it all works.

set up the camera, turn on the wireless remote button thingy, go into place and shoot. In this pic, I was showing them how it works. "you press the button on the remote, then it sets off a 2 second timer on the camera" *points* "see the light? that means the timer has started"

then they told me about photos they done at home with their parents' digi cams. All the funny faces they pulled - which led to, "can you do *this* face? how about this one?" Then came "can you take a picture doing that face?" ... why yes, yes I can (and I couldnt keep a straight face after this) :P

Then it looked like the girls werent gonna listen to my, "if you girls stand over *THERE* on that side, out of the picture, then I'll show it to you once I'm finished" as can be seen here, in an unedited outtake

So, I decided it's best to call it a wrap and make do with what I got. But not before I got pics of the girls posing as I said "SMILE"

and, "now like a model"

I then showed them the photos and left.


Lexi said...

hahah that is so cute!