"Untitled" Photoshoot

So, as promised, I will show you guys the b/w version of the "Untitled" photo on my stream. Something you guys should know is I do a lot of my photos pretty late at night and edit them really late too so usually, I upload them in the hours past 12am! Anyway, so here it is. I hope you guys like this one (I'm always unsure about my b/w's. I admire other peoples but think my own look crap most of the time)

Also guys, dont forget, I am poor (seriously, not just fake poor) so if you'd like to buy some prints off me, that'd be ultra great! I dont sell them for very much at all! Visit my etsy store (link at top of page) or just send me a flickrmail/email (fill in contact form on the side) telling me which you'd like and for a price list. I do sell 90% of my photos so it's not limited to the one's on the etsy store.

Now to go back to essay writing..