New Design Blog!

Welcome to my new designed blog. Almost everything you see here is custom made by myself so I'm quite proud of it. It's not my final final blog cos once I get my own site sorted, I'll put in a new blog but it is rougly what it will look like. Anyway, yay. I spent about 6 hours making this look the way it does :)

Erm, photo update? Hmm, well, I've still got my lil exhibition going in North London so if you wanna go see it then you are welcome to message me but it's in a cafe so dont expect cheese and wine :-P

We had a meetup with a group of extremely talented female self-portrait artists from around the South of England (S.E. and S.W.) which was really great. Got some great photos out of it so look around flickr for those - they're going up slowly on everyone's accounts ;) And check out the ladies (and gents) who were there! They are..
Miss Aniela:
* Pia *:
Sarah Schloo:
* Garron Nicholls *:
The slobbering fanged Wolfy creature: