Behind the Scenes of "water: 70% of the earth and 75% of the human body"

Oh man, my blog has been in dire need of an update for months! So when Firat uploaded some behind the scenes photos from our shoot the other day, I decided I'd post em here for you to see!! Hope Firat doesn't mind me posting these :O

Credit on the following images goes to Firat and Berçin. (click on them to see larger)

Firat checking for me that everything was set correctly

from a different angle

making sure things look right

one of Firat's photos of me

my baby

Well there we go. A tiny selection of the behind the scenes stuff. Thanks once again to the two gents for coming out with me and helping me out. Very much appreciated! I really am incredibly thankful of everyone who's helped me so so much throughout this recovery period. Unfortunately, it's not over though so I'll still be relying on them all. Gotta find a way to pay everyone back for their help though once I'm better! Maybe organise a BBQ or something of this sort :-)


Rehan Qayoom said...
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Ligeia said...

Yay for posting again!! Im so happy you did missy <333

Anonymous said...

I think more photographers should do "behind the scene" stuff... It's always quite interesting :)