London Snow Day!!

So today has been a snow day in London! How freaking awesome!! Apparently the last one of its kind was in Feb, 1990 so this for us Londoners is a pretty damn special day. Buses aren't working, trains are suspended all over the place, no school and so forth. REALLY great!

So anyway, I got up at 9:30am (if you know me well, this is as shocking as the snow day itself) and had breakfast, got dressed warm and climbed up to the roof of my building. Nice! Untouched snow. Not like the dirty snow on the ground that all the kids had already stepped in. ;) We decided to build a snow-woman rather than a snowman because it meant we could make it prettier (this is what happens when it's girls that are building haha).

Here she is!

(click to see larger)

We had a bikini top for her too but it looked weird so we decided to take it off. We also had knitting wool for hair but after two hours, it was way too cold to bother with it so my clown wig had to do :P

Here's a pic of me with our lil lady - taken by my brother (who is actually a naturally good photographer but he doesn't care for it very much)

So you'd think we'd be done. Nice snow-woman, looks pretty, made well blah blah.. NOPE! We decided it's not fair for only us to see how gorgeous she was. So, we (my brother) cut her from the ground, lifted her to the ledge and mounted her there, up high, where everyone could see her!

(click for large)

We named this, "Woman On The Edge" :P

From that pic, you can just how high up it is and if she jumps, it'll definitely end in death. No doubt about it! If she jumps and falls on someone, I'm deleting this so that it isn't traced back to me :P :P

I have pics of her shot from the ground looking up so I'll add one of those later on when I lighten it (it's a bit dark).

And lastly, here's a pic of London from my roof looking North.

Oh and final final thing - NONE of these images are at all edited which is why the colours are not as brilliant as they could be.


Ligeia said...

I want one!! this is so cute hun :)
I wish we had sooo much snow this time ^^


SK said...

haha, it's been absolutely amazing. Seriously, everyone has been nicer to each other aswell for some reason. The snow brings out the best in us all :P

Lexi said...

"If she jumps and falls on someone, I'm deleting this so that it isn't traced back to me"
Hahaha I loved that part :)
I loved how you made her a girl, me and my sister always make snow ladies too ;)